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These were our feelings while taking James Liu’s transformative “21 Day Teacher-Entrepreneur Challenge,” in the spring of 2021. We greatly benefited from his training and enthusiastically encourage all our students to join his program. They have told us how much they also enjoyed the challenge, and many have succeeded in already starting their own language teaching services.

As we all know, the way that people want to learn and educate themselves changes over time, but due to Covid-19, the field of Education will never be the same again. Many new opportunities in the field of education have been created, but there are also more people than ever before looking to find remote jobs and be free from the 9-5 grind. How can teachers maintain a competitive edge, be progressive, keep their love of teaching fresh, AND optimize results in the classroom? Whether we teach online or in-person, large classes or 1:1 - the key lies in learning how to be the most effective kind of teacher possible. The Rand Institute in their series “Measuring Teacher Effectiveness makes this compelling point:

Effective teachers are best identified by their performance, not by their background or experience. Despite common perceptions, effective teachers cannot reliably be identified based on where they went to school, whether they are licensed, or how long they have taught. A better way to assess teachers’ effectiveness is to look at their on-the-job performance, including what they do in the classroom and how much progress their students make on achievement tests.”

The simple fact is that teachers who get the best results can charge the highest rates, especially if they have found their niche market. How can we make sure that our classes are standing out and getting results? There are a myriad of workshops and courses that you can take, as the article “Keys to Successful Professional Learning” from Edutopia explains in greater detail, the best training programs are, “relevant, timely, personalized, flexible, multimodal, and socially connected.”

At the Lexica Training Institute, for over twenty years we have enjoyed researching, testing and curating the most effective teaching methods and principles for language instructors, and we are constantly on the lookout for brand new approaches to language-learning. “Never stop learning” is our motto! It has been a fascinating voyage of discovery into how education actually works, and what is happening out there every day in language classes all around the world. We are also fascinated with neuroscience research into how the brain learns and remembers new information, and we incorporate this research into our program.

We have realized that the reason why most language classes become ineffective and /or unproductive, and students stop attending, (whether it is a group class or 1:1) is the simple fact that most teachers are only employing 2 or 3 teaching methods. They have fallen into a comfort zone, like wearing the same old pair of shoes every day. This is so sad, because there are SO many ways to make a language class exciting, engaging, practical, memorable and brain-friendly. For this reason, a teacher who is skilled at using a large variety of effective teaching techniques AND knows how to apply the excellent market strategies that James Liu teaches, will be unstoppable!

Our 5-day course is a dynamic, multimodal, interactive, live, online 5-day workshop. It is both a TESOL Certification course for brand-new language teachers, and a very motivating “Refresher Course” for seasoned professionals. It has helped over a thousand language instructors totally revitalize their teaching and see their careers in a whole new light.

During the 5-day course - we review, explain, demonstrate and practice more than 30 different well-established language-teaching methods. In addition to this, we discuss many of the guiding principles behind these proven teaching techniques – such as “Elaborative Rehearsal,” and the power of using a “Guided Discovery” approach to teaching. Empowered by our course, our graduates’ language classes are not one-note sambas but rather, rich symphonies with multi-layered learning experiences. Teachers looking to up their game and stand out in this competitive market will see increased revenue because their students will be ecstatic with the results they are getting and will quickly spread the word.

We warmly invite you to attend one of our courses!


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