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Read our fantastic reviews from all over the world!

"I really enjoyed the enthusiasm of Ruth & Jordan. I enjoyed learning to learn together in a group. I enjoyed learning about each method and being able to put them into practice immediately. Having homework to do some productive struggling, with 2 methods each night, was very useful. I will be using those lesson plans with my students if it is vocabulary they need. So I was able to kill to birds with one stone. I have a good kick start of lesson plans now. They are good templates to help me use as a guide to do more on my own. I definitely feel more confident to get started. I was given so many hints and tips along the way. I have purchased a couple of books to support me. The Cambridge book is very useful. Ruth & Jordan are articulate and concise with their teaching." Faith-New Zealand-December 2021


"The whole course is dynamic and alive: The Instructors are amazing..You can tell that they have years of experience in the field of teaching and especially their love for teaching is contagious! I really appreciated their generosity in sharing all their experience and knowledge . There was such a positive energy throughout the entire course! I tried to apply some of the methods that I learned this week right away. I could tell that my students were excited about the new methods and one of my student texted me right after the lesson saying: What a beautiful lesson we had today! Thanks." Nisha-USA-December 2021


"Understanding some of the science and brain mechanics behind the learning process made teaching a language more fascinating and less intimidating. It's still a challenge, but no longer a mystery. It was also great to see the methods in action as we spent 5 days learning more Swahili than any of us would have expected! We didn't have to wonder whether the methods work, because we experienced it for ourselves. Being on the receiving end also reminded me how it feels to be a student, and I hope to carry that empathy with me as I continue to develop my teaching. Further, the daily practice sessions were very beneficial because they made sure we understood what we had just learned and could put it into practice. I wouldn't have had a chance to use all the methods right away, so I really appreciate getting to do it in class. Aside from the excellent language-teaching training, the thing that really shone all the way through the class was your warmth. You both teach with such enthusiasm and your teaching styles complement each other so well, I think I learned as much if not more from your manner as from the course content. Having also gotten to take Ruth's grammar bootcamp for the last nine months, it's really made an impression that nothing can replace kindness and a genuine love for people. Thank you for setting good examples in how to be warm, approachable, and still dignified teachers. I'd love to chat with you in person some day, but in the meantime I'll continue to watch your pages and newsletter to see what you'll be doing next!" Rachel-USA-December 2021


"I've found myself already using techniques in my everyday studies and discussions. They are so effective and come so naturally now, it just took the training to realize them. I'm also eagerly preparing to begin my own teaching journey as a business and feel confident I have the skills now to succeed. I really loved taking this course! It was beneficial in so many ways. It goes beyond head knowledge and book smarts. The teaching techniques and classroom interactions help to refine your skills before you even finish the course, so you leave confident and ready to teach. I have taken the course 2 times, I loved it and learned so much the first time, but I cannot stress enough how much I loved it even more the second time. Like anything we learn, a refresher course can only improve our skills, and keep us up to date on new skills. I would absolutely encourage anyone to take it more than once. Thank you Jordan and Ruth for teaching others such a valuable skill in such an enjoyable way! Mandy-USA-December 2021


"The seminar gives you all the tools you need to get started as a language teacher, from teaching methods to classroom management and planning your lessons and curriculum. Most importantly, it gave me the confidence to start as a teacher-entrepreneur. I learned so much not only from Ruth and Jordan but also from other teachers in the seminar. It wasn’t just hard work and studying - I also had a really good good time." Hannah-Finland-October 2021


"I really enjoyed the opportunity to put each method in to practice. You did a great job highlighting the areas we need to improve just by giving us good examples to follow.I love how you taught us Swahili throughout the course as it really impressed upon me the effectiveness of these methods.I have already implemented several of the methods in my teaching during the week since taking this course, and I am confident that I am a better teacher. This is by far the best training I've ever received for teaching English. You both are great teachers, not because of your speaking abilities, but because of the results. I am a better teacher and far more confident after taking your course. You've also motivated me to become a grammar expert. haha" Zachary-Dominican Republic-October 2021


"The course instruction style was immediately practical. The value was made so clear, so logical that I felt I could apply the principles to my personal learning of a language just as much as I could as a teacher of language. You guys started quite the open road of ideas for us. We’re going to be thankful for a long, long time." Jonathan-China-October 2021


"Thank you so much for a wonderful week of fun and learning so many languages. Especially Swahili. A very unexpected surprise!! It was so great as well to learn new techniques to keep my teaching sessions fresh and lively. I loved it all. Thanks for such a great learning experience and getting to know you guys and the other students as well … made it all so special !!" Cathy-Mexico-October 2021


"I really enjoyed how much information we were able to learn in such a short period of time, with out it being boring." Moriah-USA-September 2021

"Honestly, Jordan and Ruth's teaching is far superior to anything I have experienced outside a spiritual setting. As far as improving, I can't really think of anything major (or minor at that). I would just from experience to keep switching up the small details so that you don't get bored with teaching the same things over and over again. But I imagine you already have experience with that. Overall, superb quality in teaching and matieral." Jose-USA-September 2021

"I loved learning that regardless of age or even self-diagnosis of "my brain is full, I can't handle any more information" I CAN and should always continue learning and pushing my brain. Secondly I enjoyed being made to use what we were learning in a healthy encouraging environment. There are so many reasons to thank you! Teaching a week long course like this takes a lot of preparation and energy. And continued enthusiasm. You do such a good job of teaching. You pass your enthusiasm on to the students, so that we are eager to get started being teachers. The environment that you create is amazing. Fun, safe, supportive, encouraging, thinking, being confident. All of those items are so necessary for a student to be able to learn. Thank you for that! And too, using Zoom to teach is so different from being in person. But it really felt like we were all in the same room, and in person.  The the way you taught us, how you assured us we could make it through the week, how we really did have the ability to learn, prevented me from giving up. I can now look back with a wonderful sense of accomplishment. That is how just how good you are as teachers, and as people... You and this class change lives and have such a positive impact. Asante sana rafiki junga!"-Beth-USA-September 2021

"The whole program was beautifully run by both Jordon and Ruth. Such a friendly atmosphere, lots of fun and games and laughter. I wanted to learn another language and only realized that one can become a teacher and get paid for it too which was a bonus. I thought my age would have hindered me more [75], but i thoroughly enjoyed it even though I lagged behind in some areas. I highly recommend this course to everybody" Agnes-New Zealand-July, 2021

"My mind is completely blown by how much I learned during just one week! I have a whole new mindset now going forward, not just for teaching/learning a language, but also for teaching and learning in general. Thank you guys for everything!" Natasha-Canada-July, 2021

"I absolutely enjoyed the teaching methods put into action, the teachers, and the fellow students. Despite the long hours of the course, I felt that it continued to keep my attention throughout the entire program which proved that the methods really do work! Both the teachers are excellent and they made a effort to continue to get everyone involved, including, showing consideration and understanding for each student personally and never made me feel like it was hard to speak up in class- which I truly appreciated. As the week went on I got to know my fellow classmates and got to see different perspectives from them which I feel really added to the course. Overall I think this is a excellent course for anyone to take!" Sierra-USA-July, 2021

"I appreciated the clear teaching that Jordan and Ruth provided. They were patient and made things that may be more difficult to understand, easier." Allison-USA-July,2021

"I liked all the different learning methods . And learning about the ability of our Brain being able to learn new things. Learning about progressive struggle was one of my top favourites! This course definitely gives me the confidence I needed to go forward and continue." Lee-ann-Canada-July,2021

"I have always been aware of the value of learning or teaching a language, and thus the high value of this course… but I just never envisioned myself doing it. I feel like I would rather dig ditches, work at Tim Hortons or be a greeter at Walmart. But I’m not an idiot. You guys have given me a valuable resource, (one that I hope I never have to use). As you may be able to sense from my mellow dramatic “lingua-phobia”, the people down at Lexica had their work cut out for them a week and a half ago. And here’s the commendation; from the outset you two kept my mind engaged… riveted, motivated and eager to learn right through the entire week! You made a subject that I shy away from come alive! You really know your stuff and you teach it well. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Ultimately there is so much about this course that is “off the charts’ brilliant. The Teacher Evaluation Sheet… solid gold! The Practice sessions/homework each night… dynamite! Your passion and deep knowledge on these subjects… solid golden dynamite! Honestly, if nothing else I will be a more conscious and better teacher thanks to your course. And whether I choose to use it or not, you have taught me a new trade! Even if I don’t want to, I CAN TESOL now! Keep up the good work guys! You’re amazing!"-Tony-Canada-July, 2021

"Thank you both so much! It was hard work and I enjoyed the entire program. On Monday night I wondered what I had gotten myself into and by Friday I understood clearly. I feel much more confident that I can learn thanks to your encouragement and instruction. You are both highly skilled at your profession and a pleasure to be around for the entire week!" Keith-Canada-May 2021

"There was an excellent mixture of theory, shared personal experience, and hands-on practice. The interviews from ones working in the teaching field as well as practical advice on how to continue growing were very beneficial. After the first two days of class, I was already able to implement a few changes with my Wednesday morning English student. It made a huge difference in keeping him engaged." Nicole-USA-May 2021

"Your teaching quality & experience is unbelievably fantastic!!" Yvette-Canada-May 2021

"I found both of you sustained high, enthusiastic, positive energy the entire week...even with the time change challenges! Commendation flowed freely and I ended the week feeling really charged up and confident to pursue this line of work!! LOVED IT!" Laurie-Canada-March 2021

"Thanks for the wonderful course, I really appreciated your patience and readiness to answer all our questions. I finally feel confident I can teach!" Elisabetta, Italy, Virtual Course May 2021

“It was very practical. It gave all the necessary information, from theory to hands on exercise. I enjoyed everything, from the curriculum to the way the course was presented, we were given information that was relevant, and had the opportunity to prove to ourselves how these thirty methods really work in learning not only languages but I suspect a vast number of subjects. I am so thankful for such an enjoyable week, my only complain would be that the week went by too quickly. Thank you very much for sharing so much positivity and for the encouragement we all recieved from you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.”Dora Fierro – Paraguay – Virtual Class March 2021

“I really enjoyed the class. After day three I also enjoyed Swahili :). I was a bit puzzled at first as to why were were learning Swahili but after the 3rd day I understood why, and enjoyed it immensely… It was so nice spending the week learning, watching and participating. Keep up the great work!” Alberta – Nova Scotia – Virtual Class March 2021

“Thanks for the wonderful course, I really appreciated your patience and readiness to answer all our questions. I finally feel confident I can teach!” Elisabetta – Italy – Virtual Class January 2021

“I loved all the scientific research and the why and who of methods and principles. The course was dense with information, easily digested from pleasant professionals. Participation was a natural follow thru from being motivated.” Kathy-Virtual Class December 2020

“I enjoyed learning the different methods by learning them in Swahilli. It was authentic and real and I personally got to experience the different methods. I loved learning about the brain and how it wants to learn. It wasn’t too technical but just enough to understand the process. I was completely engaged throughout the day, each day of the class. That in itself shows that the methods worked. The breakout rooms and the class interaction was a fantastic way to explore the methods in a comfort environment. It was neat to see how each day we each got more and more comfortable and confident. We learned a lot from each other as well from the amazing instructors. The homework was a perfect amount. Enough to experiment with the methods without being overwhelming. It was by far the best learning experience secularly that I have ever had. I honestly can’t think of how the class could be improved. The length of time for the class was perfect, the price was super reasonable and the curriculum was incredible. Thanks for an incredible week of fantastic instruction. ” Cheri- Virtual Class December 2020

“I enjoyed the countless opportunities to put into practice the methods and principles that were being taught. These opportunities really gave me the chance to cement the concepts in my mind and gave me confidence that I can do this! Ruth and Jordan, you are both such amazing people and teachers! It was such a pleasure to learn from you both. The course was organized so well and it was unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!” Emma-Virtual Class December 2020

“Learning many different teaching methods, learning potential of human brain and ability to learn anything if done properly. Constant group activities to promote confidence in teaching and methods learned during course.” Ryan-Virtual Class December 2020

“I loved the variety of courseware, the class interaction, immediate practice of theory and the unpredictability of the course, enthusiasm of the lecturers. Loved the course. Well done guys!!” Anne-Virtual Class December 2020

“Conciseness, great atmosphere, most practical information, positive approach. I knew that I was going to have a blast, but this course was still beyond my expectations.” Ninel-Virtual Class December 2020

“What an incredible experience! I highly recommend this course! Upon completion, I gained more than just a TESOL certificate. I’m telling my friends, “If your goal is to teach a language or perhaps to learn a language, the principles and methods taught in this course will make your goals achievable with any language. It was fun, easy to understand, concise, and full of resources and information that will help you get started.” I loved how we, as students, were fully involved in each lesson! We had many opportunities to practice each method and principle. Thus, each of us gained inner confidence and a deeper understanding of how each method works. Thank you very much, Jordan and Ruth! The experience was worth every penny!” Danielle-Virtual Class December 2020

“I was NOT bored! Fun, lively, fast paced and interactive which at first was scary as I had no idea what I was doing. Second demo, no problem just jumped in and had fun.” Karlyn-Virtual Class December 2020

” Lexica Training Institute provides a safe learning atmosphere. The course encourages mistakes and fosters cooperation. Instructors offer positive reinforcement and support. Jordan, Ruth and their guests furnish energetic, fun classroom activities. I would never have thought that such an intensive course could have been so enjoyable. Lexica Training Institute delivers on its promise of an exhilarating and exhausting experience.” Carmella-Virtual Class October 2020

“It has been a wonderful experience for me to learn how to teach without pressure just using motivating methods and great ideas and at the same time having lots of fun.  I also really appreciated the background information and details such as a good nutrition for a teacher or how to deal with difficult  students or how to organize myself. It was just a  perfect course. ” Elke-Virtual Class September 2020

“Everything was absolutely amazing. The quality of instruction was beyond what I had even imagined.  Your and Ruth’s enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring. Makes me want to do great things with teaching.  The guest speakers were very informative and super helpful.” Tonia-Virtual Class September 2020

“Such an encouraging, positive and energetic week, filled with so many new and exciting ways of learning! Getting to work with my classmates, and being able to practice with them the teaching methods was so helpful and fun; thank you, grazie and asante from the heart!” Priscilla-Virtual Class September 2020

“I have been really impressed with the course. It was awesome. It was tremendously practical. I learned so many useful methods regarding how to teach a foreign language and how to make learning process for students fun experience as well. Even though I have been teaching English for some time now, I had no idea there were so many nice techniques to use in teaching. I am looking forward to applying them. Besides, I’ve learned so many things about brain functioning during the learning process and that’s I am very happy about. Thank you so much. You must have put forth tremendous effort in preparing such a practical and easy applicable course. I personally can’t see anything you need to improve in. Everything was just gorgeous.” George-Virtual Class September 2020

“The methods and ways of thinking that were taught was something I haven’t been exposed to before. Truly an eye opening experience. Thank you so much for the great training. This has prepared me and given me confidence for other aspects of my life and career.” Destiny-Virtual Class August 2020

” This was one of the best experiences I have ever had” – Emmanuel- Virtual Class August 2020

“It’s amazing!!!! Asante Jordan and Ruth!!!”-Linike – Portugal -Virtual Class August 2020

” Incredible memories from this past week and extremely grateful for the experience.” Debbie-UK-Virtual Class August 2020

“I very much enjoyed the professionalism of the presentation and the quality of the teaching strategies.  I appreciated Ruth’s being so personable and the willingness of both Ruth and Jordan to share personal experiences of what works and what doesn’t when working in this field.  Also, I recognize some of your teaching strategies as Whole Brain teaching strategies as well as the Kagan teaching strategies that work remarkably well. I realize you may not know them by those names but you are using quality teaching strategies by any name and I was grateful for that.     I was also grateful for the opportunities to get to know other students in the class and bounce ideas off of one another in the breakout rooms.  Getting to know others from around the world provides unforgettable experiences. ” Elizabeth- Virtual Class July 2020

“Thank you so much for the top-notch training, for all the fascinating information, and for helping us all to become better teachers. I very much look forward to playing when I learn when it comes to teaching English, Spanish, kids, adults, and myself new things! –Arianna–Virtual Class July 2020

“Asante sana Jordan & Ruth!  It was awesome being able to zoom from the comforts of our home in New Zealand to attend this wonderful course.  Thank you very, very much for everything!  It was an absolutely awesome week. We covered so much in a week, amazing. Learning 30 different methodologies in a week, Wow! Wow! Wow! This training will help us carry on with the more important things.  It was fun, informative, encouraging, absolutely wonderful” – Danielle-Virtual Class July 2020

“It was extremely encouraging, filled with positive energy all week long, and it was filled with fun, new and exciting ways of learning!The course was practically flawless in every way! I don’t know how you could make it any better!” Jade-Virtual Class June 2020

“I have always wanted to take this course and finally with ONLINE it was able to happen.  I can honestly say the course far surpassed my expectations.  The level of teaching was superb, the course content was thorough and the hands on practice was invaluable.  I would highly recommend this class! Lara– Virtual Class June 2020

“I enjoyed the enthusiasm and passion that you and your wife displayed, It stemmed from your love of what you taught us, and you both knew your subjects well, I really appreciate that! I also enjoyed the reminders our how beautifully the brain works and that it’s just waiting to be exercised and challenged, so my potential for learning new languages and concepts are endless. I love that ! I also appreciated that before each session started, you made sure that everyone was present so that no one would miss anything, to ensure we’re all on the same page. Thank you for being considerate. Keep up the good work, you guys were awesome !” Toni-Virtual Class June 2020

“Thanks again, enjoyed every minute!! The professionalism and knowledge of our Instructors, The group breakouts, learning a new language, The many online sites to further assist in this endeavor, as well as the two encouraging outside individuals who gave their own experiences in this profession.” Chelsea– Virtual Class June 2020

“It was just an overall great experience.  A long exhausting week,  but an amazing experience.  Hopefully now I can put it into practice soon.” Lynn – Virtual Class June 2020

“Everything!  The methods are excellent.  I enjoyed “experiencing” them as it would feel for a student by the many activities/practice sessions.  The way it’s presented is great – the pace is quick enough that the day flies by, no dull moments at all, while still getting a good grasp of each method.  Finally, even online there was plenty of great association/learning from each other too.” Andrea –Virtual Class June 2020

“I loved working in groups, interacting with the classmates, and being able to practice the teaching methods as homework!In my opinion I didn’t see any deficiency or weakness at any field. Every part and lesson from the course was very clear, and dynamic for me! “-Victor-Virtual Class June 2020

“I enjoyed every moment of this seminar! I loved learning how our brains like to learn. Using the methods right away and seeing how effective they are was very fascinating to me. Thank you for an amazing week!! I loved this course so much,  I left feeling super motivated and confident to step into the world of teaching english, and continue working hard at learning new languages. This really felt like a gift, I can’t thank you enough!” Melissa–Virtual Class June 2020

“Wide variety of methods were awesome.  Interaction with my fellow classmates.  ‘jordan acknowledged the need to make us feel confident in our ability to find employment or start a business and teach well.  Guest speakers were really informative and addressed realistic concerns and questions.  I appreciated the good volume and enthusiasm that Jordan maintained throughout.  It helped me to keep up. I have tendonitis in both shoulders and wrists from over 11 year of intense keyboarding well as fibromyalgia.   I had incessant pain by the 3rd day.  Your energy and volume was louder than my pain, this helped me to pay attention.  Thank you and all the best. Thank you both.” Tina-Virtual Class April 2020

“I found it helpful that we were given lots of opportunity to teach in front of our classmates and be evaluated by them. The course was fast-paced and interesting throughout.” Ursula-Virtual Class April 2020

“I’m sure ones who are, or will be teaching in the future, really benefitted from your course. On a personal level, my interest in the course was more for personal use. I gained much more than expected. An appreciation for how hard it is to learn a new language. Some things like mind mapping and spaced learning I want to implement in my own life. But there were so many other things I learned that made me think learning a new language might be within my grasp!  Thank you so much for a great job teaching. Your enthusiasm, experience, clarity of instruction, encouragement etc makes this a great course!” Sherryne- Virtual Class April 2020

“Amazing atmosphere, relaxed and positive approach to teaching. It was the very best training I’ve ever attended. I had no idea that teaching a language can be so rewarding. Thank you very much!” Dina- Doncaster, February  2020

 “Thank you Jordan. The certification may prove to be an important life-line to me. I will continue to learn , and practice the valuable teaching methods, which I have been taught.” Kim-Doncaster February 2020

“What I enjoyed most from this course was understanding WHY these techniques work. Also, seeing how quickly novices appear to progress and become comfortable teaching was encouraging.”Mark – Chelmsford, UK August 2019

“What I enjoyed the most was the teaching practice sessions. Delving into new methods, and the reason why they’re effective, including the history behind them, such as the section on improving pronunciation.” Wayne – Chelmsford, UK August 2019

“The whole experience was fantastic. I will never forget the amazing week I had.” Tony-Edinburgh August 2019

“The instructors were able to teach complex material in a way in which it was easy to digest and this meant I was able to learn while not being overwhelmed with information. The class was also extremely interactive and fun and the teaching practices also helped me be able to gain confidence in teaching.

Mia-Edinburgh August 2019

“I loved working with the other students and learned so much from their presentations and their very different teaching styles. My feeling is that, if I enjoyed their lesson, then their teaching style was successful. As an unexpected added bonus, I found I love Swahili!! I am amazed how much I picked up and am sharing it with anyone who will listen  The methods do work!! Although I worked very hard during that week, including at least two hours homework each night, I didn’t feel it was a hard slog. The course is stimulating and enjoyable. We laughed A LOT. We had fun!”

Hazel-Edinburgh August 2019

“The dynamic way that the training was delivered and the wide range of techniques were demonstrated. Also the way the teaching practice sessions were set up with a view to mutual appraisal and encouragement from fellow students. So as a result I did not feel scrutinized or under pressure. Just loved the 360 degree experience! The training and support that I experienced from both Trainers and fellow students was invaluable and gave me the confidence that I need to start teaching. English! Thank you so much. “ Rebecca- Edinburgh August 2019

“I have had post secondary education relevant to this field of practice and have gone through various workshops, seminars, and programs and I have to say that this course was by far the best. The variety of methods, the hands on experience as both teachers and learners with all of the methods, and the knowledge of the teacher blew me away. I am telling all of my friends and colleagues about this program. I left this program excited to teach and confident in my abilities to do so. I cannot thank you enough for what you have given me and I hope I can give back as best I can.” MICHELLE (July 2-6, 2019 Course)

“Shortly after the course, I taught an ESL course briefly as a volunteer. My students thoroughly enjoyed the methods. Later, I started teaching English with an online company to get my feet wet. In April of this year I was able to quit my job and teach English completely on line. The pay was better than my job at the bank and the university where I was working.  It is in San Francisco with excellent pay. I could choose my own schedule. Taking the course was one of the hands down best decisions of my life.  I told a young person in my area about the course. Unbeknownst to me she formed a group of young people and took the course., now she is quitting her full-time job  and had an interview with a ESL company today! Thank-you for such an excellent class!”-MEADOW 

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