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Temporarily Distracted-Maybe...Forgotten-Never!

We enthusiastically continue striving for excellence in our TESOL/Language Instructor Certification program. To that end, we announce that we have released supplemental, online, self-taught study guides that provide more information and background into the methods and principals that we teach in this Modular Course. The guides consist of short research papers and instructional videos. This supplemental information will be made available to all future candidates of our program. Reviewing this research during or shortly after the course will ensure that the methods and principles are kept fresh in mind until they are implemented in the future classrooms of our graduates.

Some of our many graduates may feel that the passage of time has erased our dynamic program from memory… do not dismay! You have not forgotten the course, rather, you have just been distracted with other aspects of life. It’s all still up there! We have two exciting options for you!

If you have graduated within the last six months, we will provide you access to the supplemental program on our website free of charge, so that you can quickly recall the main points of the modules. Or...

If you graduated prior March 2023 and would like to take a refresher course, and get access to the supplementary research use coupon code REFRESHER and get $100 off the fee.

For more information please email us at

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