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Grammar Boot Camp

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 “Grammar Boot Camp.”  This 10 class/15-hour training program is a relaxed and fun, but very effective way for you to greatly enhance your knowledge of English grammar.

The classes are taught live on Zoom either privately, or in small groups. Your instructor will use visually-stimulating slide shows (produced by Lexica), videos, exercises and lively discussions to help you get a full understanding of all the major areas of English grammar.  This program is designed to greatly boost your confidence and understanding. You will also become skilled at using grammar terminology. By the end of the program, you will feel totally confident to get started as an English Tutor. 

English Grammar Boot Camp Class 2 Announcement  (Presentation (169)).png

🔀  Grammar is a MASSIVE subject and can be very overwhelming! We are going to focus primarily on the fundamentals that you need to have a firm grip on as you begin to teach English. Also, it will be very helpful even if you just feel like you would like to brush up on what you have studied in the past, as a refresher.

❓✅  It is not necessary to have taken our one week TESOL course to join, but if you have – then you have already acquired lots of fantastic teaching methods and may have already started teaching. That is great!! This will open up to you the areas that you can explore and do more research on as you continue to sharpen your skills.

🔨🪛  For others, this may be just what you need to feel like you have ALL the tools necessary to get started. English Grammar is something that many teachers “learn as they go,” but there is a certain foundation level knowledge that is needed to succeed. Imagine if you contracted a carpenter to do some work for you, and you know that he produces excellent work, but he says, “can you pass me that thing over there, I can never remember if it’s called a hammer or a screwdriver…” 🤨 You already are a fluent English speaker, and you have learned some fantastic and very practical teaching methods, but now what is needed is also to learn the terminology, the “language” of English grammar.

🔆 So the next step is for you to feel confident with the standard “labels” and terminologies that are used to present and explain the various structures that are used in the English language. And we are here to help! 💡

🌊 🏊‍♀️ Let’s have a great time together as we “dive into” the fun and fantastic world of ENGLISH GRAMMAR!


>> BRAND NEW - We are now offering this program on a flexible, learn-as-you-go system. When you pay for the program, you book your first class through our automated booking system. After that, you can speak with the instructor to continue holding your classes every week on that day and at that time, or set up some other schedule that works for you. 

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