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Why is right now the right time to become an online language instructor?  

Forbes magazine stated on May 26, 2020 in the article, The Rise of E-Learning in 2020, "The worldwide e-learning market is expected to be worth $325 billion in 2025, compared to $165 billion in 2015. The numbers are clear. Many are finding that e-learning is not just a viable alternative; it’s a better one."

10 Reasons why you should become a LEXICA trained language teacher!

1) Support yourself financially.

  • Support yourself financially, while being location independent! Travel and teach when it is safe to do so. 

2) Learn how to be self-employed.

  • Start your own online business with guidance from experienced and successful private teachers. No more "middle man."  No more long commute to work.  

3) Gain confidence, courage, community.

  • Gain the confidence to fulfill your dream of moving to another country (when it is safe to do so) or support yourself at home.  In just 5 days, you will see your ability to teach English or any other language you are fluent in GROW in a very rapid way. You will benefit from associating with  and learning from your fellow classmates and making lasting friendships with others who have the same interests and goals as you.

4) Find motivation and inspiration.

  • When you learn a new skill with a group of others - the laughter, support and example of others really inspires you to find the motivation to start a whole new chapter in your life.

5) No huge, crushing student-loan debts!

  • We offer a very affordable way to get qualified to teach English or any other language in which you are proficient. Our course is a very "risk free" way to see if you have what it takes to be a Language Instructor. Taking our program will save you between $500 to $2000 dollars when compared to other TESOL/TEFL/ESL Certification Programs.

6) Certified to teach in one intensive week!

  • Become qualified, certified and ready to walk into a classroom – virtual or otherwise – and start working immediately upon finishing our five day/50 hour course.

7) Benefit from experienced, authentic          instructors who really understand the challenges.

  • Gain insight from the combined 50 years of teaching and life experience of our principle instructors. They  have traveled to 60 countries and actually lived /worked abroad. They have struggled themselves to become fluent in Spanish and Swahili and are now working on Hindi. Get a chance to "pick the brains" of the talented guest speaker so who come to the course and present their research on subjects such as Mnemonics, Teaching Children, Classroom Psychology and how to make $100 an hour as a Language Instructor.

8) Explore the neuroscience behind learning.

  • In addition to learning how the brain prefers to learn a language, you will start to understand just how to tap into our ability to learn ANYTHING much quicker - not just languages, but ANY subject we put our minds to! 

9) Never a dull moment during class!

  • Experience the laughter and joy of our live, online "classroom!" Participate in dynamic group discussions and teaching practices.  Many say this course is "life changing." We agree! A thrilling, inspiring experience - unlike anything you have experienced in a traditional classroom - awaits you!

10)  Have an awesome "Plan B!"

  • Don’t fancy teaching a language as a life-long profession?  We completely understand! Still, getting this qualification is a wise investment - because it is something you can always fall back on.  Also, becoming a Language Instructor is a fantastic way to  support yourself if you ever move abroad or travel extensively. It is a skill you can use to find employment or be self-employed no matter where you go. The demand for Language Instructors is always growing. 

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