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Online TESOL Certification Course

Get certified and learn more than

30 teaching methods! 

Join us right from your living room! The course can be taken in one 5-day, intensive, online course or in 10-three hour online sessions. For more information regarding the schedule please contact us a


You will learn more than 30 distinct methods that can be used to teach English or ANY other language in which you are fluent - including signed languages! During the course, each method is demonstrated fully, and you will be given many opportunities to practice the teaching methods yourself, while they are still fresh in your mind. You also receive a manual for the course before the classes start, so you can print it up and make your notes right there next to each method during the course.


We will coach you as you go along, and you will see your teaching ability and practical skills grow very much during the course.  You will not just be learning from the instructors, but you will also learn so much from your fellow classmates. This is an integral part of our course, and the learning/teaching style that we encourage LEXICA graduates to use as much as possible. 


Rather than viewing each teaching method as a "standalone" technique, you will be shown how to integrate all the methods throughout your syllabus to produce dynamic, systematic and highly productive lesson plans that your students will LOVE! And you can use your certification to teach online or in the classroom. 

Are you struggling to LEARN a language by yourself? Then this course is also for you! All of the methods, techniques and principles that you will learn are totally applicable to being self-taught. This approach to language learning will absolutely revolutionize how you learn your next language! 


Get Confident!

Our system and our team will help you to develop the confidence you need to teach English one-on-one or in a classroom setting. These methods can be used to teach both to adults and children, online or in a classroom. Feel free to peruse the "Testimonials" section our site for more comments from our graduates. 

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