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Recharge. Refresh. Revitalize.

Successful teachers understand the importance of keeping their teaching skills sharp. If we do not periodically hone our teaching edge with professional development, our classes and outlook can become dull. This state eventually results in diminished joy, success, and revenue. As language teachers, where can we go to recharge our motivation, refresh our skills and revitalize our outlook?

We found the criteria listed in the web article “Keys to Successful Professional Learning” from Edutopia excellent for helping teachers determine which program to choose. We were thrilled to see that our dynamic 5-day Language Instructor Certification Program ticked all the boxes. In short for “for professional learning to work, it must be relevant, timely, personalized, flexible, multimodal, and socially connected.” We invite you to consider how we at Lexica fulfil these expectations with our dynamic, interactive.

“…it must be relevant...”

Because we train our students in methods that powerfully motivate the learner to speak the language, our graduates experience greater success in helping their students make faster progress. The 30+ methods we present are not a mixed bag of techniques and “hacks” but are all rooted on the foundation principles of Elaborative Rehearsal.

“…it must be…timely…”

We are fascinated with learning. Specifically, how to speed up the time it takes to learn a language. Our program is constantly being updated as we keep abreast of the latest discoveries in neuroscience. Our curated methods work because they reflect how people learn today. In fact, every course we present has something new and fresh in its curriculum.

“…it must be…personalized…”

We have received many requests to transform our program into modules or simply sell instruction videos. The trouble is, these types of courses do not work well. Why? Because learning our methods requires hands-on practise with real people. Otherwise, you, the student, are just taking in a lot of information into your short-term memory, but once the course is over, the likelihood is high of forgetting everything except just the overall impression of what was presented. We can’t successfully teach someone a language armed with just a pleasant memory. Our 5-day course is packed with practise sessions which supply our graduates with not just knowledge, but more importantly, the confidence to use and retain what they have learned right after graduation and beyond.

“…it must be…flexible, multimodal...”

Traditional language teacher-trainer programs focus 90% of their instruction on writing and reading skills. While we don’t ignore these skills, your students primarily want to speak the language. Reading and writing skills come much quicker once speaking proficiency is accomplished. To that end, our graduates enjoy tremendous flexibility equipped with 30+ distinct methods that can be adapted to any level, and language. We have more and more people taking our program whose sole purpose is to learn languages themselves.

“…it must be…socially connected...”

The upside of online education is its convenience. Who doesn’t relish the idea of learning in their pajamas? However, being with people is a vital element to learning successfully. Seeing how others implement the methods, practising newly-found skills with real people, laughing together and resolving obstacles as a group enhance the learning experience. Therefore, any professional development program for teachers that excludes live group activity often ends up a disappointment. At best, you are left with a pleasant memory, at worst, the frustration of having wasted your valuable time and money. In the course of our dynamic 5-day seminar you will feel the immense satisfaction of seeing a transformation in yourself and in your colleagues. By Friday, you will recharged, refreshed and revitalized!

Please feel free to setup a free consultation/strategy session to see how our programs could benefit you by following this link:

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Idea Mapping Course!

By popular demand, our comprehensive Idea Mapping Course will soon be ready! This half-day course will adequately train you to:

  • Think creatively.

  • Draw and create idea maps that will enhance your retention, focus and memory.

Stay tuned for more details!

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