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Attn: Bloggers, Vloggers, Content Creators, & Brand Ambassadors - Excellent Work Opportunity!

  1. Our Brand New "Lexica Associates" Program. Work at home from anywhere and Earn $$$!

  2. Total Physical Response - What is it, Why should I use it, and How do I do it?

  3. Become a Member (there is no charge) and Get a FREE TESOL Refresher Course

Announcing our New LEXICA Ambassador Program

Did you love our training? Are you enthusiastic about what you have learned? Are you passionate about teaching and learning languages? Do you know others whom would like to learn another language and/or become Digital Nomads, English Tutors, Teacher/Entrepreneurs or Instructors of any other another language?

If so, we would be delighted to partner with you to promote our training courses. We are thrilled to offer a generous recruitment reward/commission for each course sign up you generate. Your contacts and clients will also receive an exclusive discount for having registered with us through you. If you are interested in joining this program, please write to for more details.

Total Physical Response

Hey! Remember TPR? How have you been finding it? From time to time we like to take a more in-depth look into the background and of our methods. "Peeling back the corners" and taking a deeper look can really spark our creativity as teachers, and really give us greater conviction to use a wider variety of teaching techniques. Never stop learning right?

The method was pioneered by James Asher who is a professor emeritus of psychology at San José State University. He observed children as they learned their native tongue and saw them all follow a similar process. First of all, he observed that the mother tongue was learned from listening to the parent and then carrying out the instructions for months before the children actually began to speak. Secondly, he explored the theory that early language acquisition must engage the left part, or "creative side" of the brain. Furthermore, he felt very strongly that the language-learning process should not involve any stress.

Check out this fascinating interview with James Asher conducted in 2013. (It's a bit long, but has lots of interesting details)

On his website, ( James advocates a 3-week silent period where the students only listen and respond with physical movements. If necessary, - in the beginning, the students can also respond verbally in their native tongues. But, the primary emphasis is that the students ALWAYS use some kind of physical response to a verbal cue. You can see an example of silent phase of TPR being demonstrated in this video from one of our recent online TESOL/Language Instructor Certification classes. Here, Carol is using TPR to teach Korean.

TPR is widely used to teach students of all ages and abilities, and there are many effective variants of the method. Most teachers use TPR in connection with other methods as well. We are very happy to include the instruction of TPR techniques with the other 30 methods that we teach during our 5 day training course. If you have not already, accept the challenge, and enrol in one of our upcoming courses to gain the confidence and the skills needed to become and excellent language tutor. Of course, the methods that we train our teachers to use can be used to learn and teach ANY language in which the instructor is proficient, including signed languages. We have classes coming up which will be taught on British Time, Japan Time and Eastern Time.

Membership has its BENEFITS!

Our Online LEXICA Community is growing! Soon we will be adding new features and services for this "members only" section of our website.

Please note that the "Jobs" page, with over 300 companies seeking teachers, will soon only be available to members.

Currently, in our Resources for Teachers Toolbox, we have exclusive discounts available for James Liu's very practical and consistently rewarding 21 Day Teacher Entrepreneur Challenge. Our members get $100 off, which is a 50% discount.

Fancy learning Spanish? Join up and get an exclusive offer* available only to LEXICA members. (*Anyone who is struggling to learn Spanish will absolutely love it!)

We are also thrilled to add to the list of "members-only" perks, the gift of a FREE TESOL Certification Refresher Course to any alumni who has already graduated. It is just the thing you need to remind yourself of the methods and teaching principles that you learned the first time round, and have the chance to practice teaching them again in a warm, friendly and supportive group. It is always great to meet and get to know the other teachers in the group, because you can learn so much from them too. If you are interested, let me know and we will put you on our waiting list. To join our community, just click on the link below and log in.

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