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Teacher: Chelsea

Location: U.S.A.


Profile: Started teaching English in 2017

Platform: Currently teaching online

Workload: 8-10 Students, once or twice a week, and sometimes daily - could have a lot more work, but chooses to work part time. 

Specializing in: Teaching young children/and professionals in the healthcare industry. 

Why she loves teaching online: "I work in the early. mornings and some evenings/weekends so that I can be present for my family. I can charge my own rates, create my own schedule, and use the curriculum of my choice." 

Palm Trees

Teacher: Roman

Location: Uganda


Profile: Started teaching English in: 

Platform: Currently teaching online (any companies?)

Workload: Private students. Teacher/Entrepreneur.

(how many students? how often? how long are the classes?)

Specializing in: Teaching English online to native Russian speakers.

Why he loves teaching online: 

Success Tip:

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Location: Japan


Profile: Started teaching English in 

Platform: Currently teaching online, an international kindergarten that features native English speakers and bilingual teachers.

Workload: 54 students - about 13 in each class

Specializing in: Teaching young children

Why she loves teaching online: 

Success Tip:

Teacher: Hitomi

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