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Welcome to the Summer of 2022!

Ice cream cones are already melting, and the smell of candy floss and mini doughnuts is in the air. Don't you just love summer? 🍦 🛼 🎢 🍩 So do we! So, what are you going to do this summer? We plan to have lots of fun, but at the same time - use our time wisely!

In many ways, the Summer of 2022 will be a historical one. After 2 years of social isolation, shutdowns and lockdowns - many of us are like race horses that are raring to go. We are full of enthusiasm and eagerness to reach our postponed goals, hopes and dreams.

So many of our students have told us that taking our 5 day training course changed their lives! No exaggeration. Why is that? It's because, not only do we cover (in a very practical way) the best 30 methods to teach any language online or in a classroom, but spending 5 days with like-minded people who plan to use their training to do AMAZING things has a very long-lasting effect on the participants. You become part of a community of people that don't want to be stuck in the 9-5 grind, on a hamster wheel, always running but never getting anywhere. Yes, it's scary and can be overwhelming to start something new, but we're here to help.

We will also feature guest speakers and live interviews with others that have made a real success of teaching online in a way that has financed their life goals. You will love it!

Welcome to the Summer of 2022. Let's make it one to remember for all the best reasons.

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