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If you have ever taken our 5 Day TESOL Certification Course and would like to join us next week for a “Refresher,” (July 25-29; 8 am - 4:30 pm; British Summer Time), please email us at in the next 24 hours and you will receive a special coupon code to join the class for only $75.00 Canadian!

Why attend again? Even if we are well trained, after time passes, we can start to fall into a rut and just use two or three of our favourite teaching methods - when we could be using more than 30! Keep your teaching “toolbox” fresh and lively by attending the course again and seeing which methods you could use more fully! It’s time to spice up your classes. 😀 Also - we are always updating the teaching techniques and new modules have been added. 😀 For those whom have not attended before, but would like to sign up for the class - there is still time to register and take advantage of our summer offers: $100.00 discount each (if you sign up with a friend), Coupon code: STUDYBUDDY

or a $75.00 discount if you are attending by yourself. Coupon Code: SIMPLIFYTRAVELTEACH It’s not too late to join our July class!

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