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New Programs and the Generation Effect

Greetings! A warm hello from beautiful Ireland. Despite our busy secular and volunteer schedule, we love to carve out free time for walks through verdant Irish fields and along enchanting canals here in County Kildare. As Ruth and I wait patiently in the holding pattern of the India visa process, we continue our Digital Nomad adventure, enjoying the sights of this beautiful part of the world.

This month, we wanted to give you an update on two exciting new initiatives that we have been working on for the last several months and share some more research and ideas related to one of the core teaching principles that anchor our dynamic methodology- The Generation Effect.

Regarding teaching or learning a language, what is the Generation Effect?

The Generation Effect is one of the four core teaching principals that underpin all of the methods we teach. These principles come under the umbrella of the teaching system called Elaborative Rehearsal. The other four principles consist of the Self-Referencing Effect, (Please see our June 4 2021 post for more information about the Self-Referencing Effect,, the Enactment Effect, Organized Rehearsal and the Von Restorff Effect.

Despite the promises of many language schools, the established model of language learning is very teacher or textbook centered. Thus, students, after having been initially taught or exposed to new vocabulary and grammar, are subtly dissuaded from making an extra effort to retrieve the knowledge themselves because the teacher is too quick to provide the answer and/or because of easy access to the solution from a textbook or the internet.

So, for example, you learned the Swahili word for cup two classes ago, but now, when you need to recall the word, your mind is drawing a blank. But you know that you know it! Where is it?

The Generation Effect means that information is better remembered if it is generated internally, from one's own mind, rather than simply being read or rejuvenated by a teacher. Since our amazing brains do indeed store somewhere, practically everything we have experienced, the key to recall is strengthening the existing synapses that contain that information. Our dynamic 5-day course will train you in powerful methods that create strong synaptic bonds from the moment that new vocabulary is taught. If you use these methods, especially during recall, you accelerate your brain’s ability to quickly retrieve new vocabulary.

Conversely, succumbing to the urge to just look up the answer, or if you are the teacher, to quickly give the struggling student the solution, seems to have the opposite effect. Returning to our original “cup” example, instead of strengthening the synapse created for the Swahili word, it’s almost like you simply start again from scratch. Rather than the student’s brain generating the answer from within, it is simply receiving it…again. Pressing the easy button tells the brain that this information is disposable, thus, it is relegated to the odds and ends drawer.

You know the place in your cupboard, shed, desk, car, brain, where we put stuff that we think might be important one day, but actually, will never use. One day, in a euphoric moment, you remember that somewhere, you have just the right thing-a-mijigger for some obscure task that suddenly presented itself (thus justifying all the hoarding you have ever done); but, alas, it proves impossible to find among all the other bits and pieces previously thrown onto the pile. Observing the Generation Effect prevents the things we need to remember from ever being tossed into our mental “junk drawer”.

So, as a language learner or teacher, what can we do to generate answers internally?

  • First, we enthusiastically encourage you to take our dynamic TESOL Certification/Language Instructor course. There, you will receive over 30 methods that powerfully encode the target language in the moment it enters the brain.

Next, when vocabulary needs to be recalled, be resolved to resist the temptation to find the answer externally.

  • Then, search for clues.

Did you use a mnemonic or gesture when you first learned the word? Imagine the scenario or physically make the gesture you associated with the word.

Think of the context of the last time you used the word.

What is the first letter of the word, the next letter, and the next?

What does it sound like?

If, all else fails, and you just have to receive the answer externally again- do not despair. It’s okay, but before you reach for the textbook or Professor Google, stop and plan which method you will use to convince your brain that this time, you mean business!

The Generation Effect, when implemented and strictly adhered to, results in faster retention and recall rates for language learners.

Oh, right, the Swahili word for cup…. For those who took our course, do you remember the cucumber? K…I…K…O….😃

Coming soon!

The Lexica Mind Map Course

One of the highlights of our 5-day course is the section on Mind Mapping. We teach this method as a one-stop approach to learning the grammar of the target language. But, there are so many more applications to this amazing tool. Mind or Idea Mapping will transform your personal, professional and even spiritual life. For many, though while intrigued by the idea, they feel it's too complicated to learn. They may feel that this cool yet practical technique is only for the super artsy, creative people. No reason to envy, Lexica to the rescue! We are putting the finishing touches on a one-day course that will progressively take you through the entire process. We start with igniting your creativity, then we teach you how to draw. Next, we unpack mind mapping with a step-by-step tutorial with plenty of time for practise. By the end of the day, you will be an expert, with a skill that will enhance every aspect of your life. Stay tuned for our first course date!

TESOL Certification/Language Instructor Course Teaser!

We understand that there is no shortage to TESOL training programs out there. However our 5-day intensive certification course is:

internationally recognized affordable more than just videos and essays more than a certificate, rather, a course where you graduate with marketable skills your ticket to immediate employment and the freedom to work from anywhere

Still, promises, promises… Well, when choosing, you should also have access to scores of raving testimonials from real people of all walks of life who have taken the course and were thrilled with its value. As it happens, here they are:

Hmmm, do you need more convincing? No problem, starting next month, we will be holding free one-hour online teaser sessions on most Saturdays. There, we will demonstrate 4 or 5 of the methods we offer by using them to teach a language. When you register for a free teaser lesson you can choose to learn some Hindi, Russian, Spanish or Swahili. The hour will fly by! You'll experience for yourself why our program is the best one out there. So stay tuned! We can’t wait to see you!

Register now for our next course and get 10% off. Just use this coupon code, “GOTEACH”, at check-out.

See you soon!

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