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Mnemonic Encoding-Muscle Memory- November 2020

Hello, Friends!

In this episode of Adventures in Language Learning we are going to talk about one of our favourite methods. For those who have taken our course, we hope this will remind you of how effective it is and for those who have yet to take our program, we hope it will motivate you to join us on this fascinating journey of language learning.

Method: Mnemonic Encoding-Muscle Memory

Why it works:

The journey that your student’s brain travels when mastering a new language involves several stages. After initial exposure to new vocabulary, if their brains are satisfied that this new information is worthy of the attention and focus required to remember it, the new information is granted entry into the temporary staging area of their short- term memory. Then, if the principles of Elaborative Rehearsal and Spaced Learning are followed, (See previous posts) the new information will become ensconced into the hallowed and exclusive hall of long-term or declarative memory. Our method, Mnemonic Encoding-Muscle Memory is one of the wonder keys that opens the door (and keeps it open) to every stage of the memory journey of your student.

How it works: By associating a specific gesture to, if possible, every word or phrase you teach, you are making more neural associations to the new vocabulary. The more neural handles you create, the faster your students can recall the vocabulary. When you combine this method with the other 30+ methods and principles we teach on our dynamic TESOL and Language Instructor course, the exciting results include happy and productive students, amazed parents and friends who note your student’s quick progress and ultimately, more students and revenue for you as your fame spreads.

For our alumni: Do you remember going to Tanzania with your mother and your friend and eating at a restaurant at night?

Not yet in the loop? No problem! Join us and find out how the sentence above can change your life!!!

In our dynamic, live, 5-Day TESOL and Language Instructor course we teach and thoroughly demonstrate this method and over 30 more. Do join us soon! For more information, please see our website at

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