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We currently have over 300 job opportunities from more than 15 countries on our site. Where would you like to go? Do you want to teach online or in a classroom? There are over 1 billion people who need to learn English and tens of thousands of others who want to learn one of the other languages you know. Use the skills to support yourself at home or abroad!

New Posting!

English Bridge is a Canadian based online English language training business that specializes in teaching participants to improve their speaking skills and professional communication.

We are currently looking for part-time teachers who would like to work a few extra hours a week. The work entails teaching adults business English with a curriculum provided by the school. Each class is 50 minutes in duration.

Job description:

l Familiarization of the curriculum

l Meaningful preparation for each class

l Assess participant language level, in-class coaching and progress reporting

l Teaching interactive classes based on the curriculum using TESOL methodology

Class times: (You may indicate which you’re applying for. Only one is required.)

l Availability 1: UTC +2 (Western Europe) late afternoons and evenings

l Availability 2: UTC +8 (Beijing) evenings.


l Approximately five years teaching experience, including online

l TESOL certificate and bachelor’s degree in Education (ie. the CIE program)

l Strong and steady internet connection for remote teaching

l Paid subscription to a Zoom account, as well as the ability to host and operate it

l Public speaking or meeting presentation experience is an asset

l Business or entrepreneurial experience also an asset


l $25 - $30 Canadian per hour based on qualifications and experience


Please send your resume to

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