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JANUARY NEWSLETTER:Upcoming Course Dates, an Exciting NEW Teaching Method, & Mind-Mapping Course

What's in this month's Newsletter?

  • January and February course dates

  • A sneak peak at a brand new teaching method to be unveiled the week of January 24th, 2022

  • A glimpse of our exciting, cutting-edge Mind-Mapping Course - slated to begin April, 2022.

Grab your calendar - let's get started!

Join us January 24-28, 2022 to get some very practical teaching skills and get certified to teach English online, or any other language you are fluent in. Our training will give you the confidence boost that you need to start your own teaching business, or to get hired by established online schools. Imagine the freedom of being able to work from home, and - when it is safe to do so - be able to travel to another destination and take your job with you! Now is the time to prepare for future goals, that's for sure, even if your online work for the moment is just to supplement your current income or is experimental.

Remember our motto - Simplify. Travel. Teach. If your goals fall under any, or all of these categories, then we know that you will love our course and be so happy to get your training and Certification in TESOL/TEFL/Other Languages. The 30 teaching methods that you will learn and practice during the course, are also excellent for teaching signed languages. See you one day soon!

Use Coupon Code "GOTEACH" at check out to receive a 10% discount. 😀


Content and Language Integrated Learning - CLIL

In our quest to keep our TESOL Course cutting edge and up-to date, we never tire of searching out new and improved brain-friendly methods and strategies to accelerate language learning.

We love bringing out of our "toolbox" methods both old and new! Content and Language Integrated Learning, or CLIL, has been extensively researched and used in the European Union. Linguists have long known that the quickest way to encode new vocabulary into our long-term memory, is to convince our marvellous, yet easily distracted brains, that what we are learning is both novel and immediately useful.

For this reason, schools that embrace CLIL view language learning, not as a stand alone entity, but as the actual way and vehicle to teach other subjects, such as math, science and the arts. Yes, students learn a specific subject AND a language at the same time. The language and subject content are given equal weight. Success is measured by how well the students have grasped both the subject matter and the language that was used to teach it.

We are so excited to thoroughly explain and demonstrate this method for our future TESOL Course students.

Check out this video to see CLIL in action!

If you would like to learn this new method and refresh your memory all the other methods that you studied the first time you took our TESOL course, why not take advantage of our special Refresher Course price available to all who have previously taken our course. Every course has something new and improved, so you will benefit greatly the second time around, and many have said that when they go through the training the second time, things really clicked for them. See reviews and testimonials here:

If you are interested, do send us an email to

Mind Mapping "From the Ground Up"

In our TESOL/Language Instructor course, we spend about an hour teaching and demonstrating the marvels of mind-mapping, primarily to help students and teachers effectively record and explore English grammar. The TESOL students get to practice it during the week of the course. Many fall in love with the idea of mind mapping and, in theory they love it! But, after an initial burst of enthusiasm, many people go back to linear style note taking, because they haven't yet mastered all of the skills needed to adopt this kind of note-taking as a lifetime practice. Still, there is a persistent voice inside their heads that keeps reminding them that there is a better way to organize thoughts and ideas on the page. It just takes practise! Alas, what to do?

Mastering this skill will help you to learn anything faster, retain it longer and use what you learn more effectively. You will also be amazed at how well it helps you to focus when you are doing a study project. It will sky-rocket your ability to speak extemporaneously from just one page of notes. Therefore, we are working hard on "mini" course that will take you from being an envious bystander, when it comes to using this skill in every day life, to being the star of the show!

We will break down ALL of the basic components of how to mind map, and show you what the core ingredients are, even from the viewpoint of mentality. Once you are comfortable with the basics, and can see how the technique really functions, then we will help you to progressively build up your own note-taking skills. By the end of the course, you will be a pro!

The estimated start date for this training will be mid-April, 2022. Stay tuned for more information. In the mean time, see if you can decipher our course "road rap" below.

Until next time!

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