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5 Hour Program. In the first session or two, we will help you to prepare or finetune your Resume/CV so that you can find online work as a Language Tutor. We can also help you to set up your Linkedin account, if you don't have one already. Having a professional-looking Linkedin account is a great way to attend free webinars and connect with online teaching platforms.  Sometimes recruiters will contact you directly to offer you work. 


In the next two sessions, we help you to record, edit and finalize your 1-3 minute teacher introduction video. (Most online platforms require you to submit an introduction video). 


In your last session, we help you to apply to work with at least 3 online teaching platforms that are hiring. 


After purchasing this program, you will receive a welcome email, and a list of things you need to get together for your first session. We will contact you directly to set up your first appointment. 

Find Online Work Kickstarter Program

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