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For suggestions 1-10 checkout Part 1

11 Make sure that your Linkedin profile is up-to-date and that the "Open to Work" banner on your photo is present and that the setting is toggled to on. Sure, you might get some spam - but there are recruiters always looking for qualified teachers to offer them opportunities. One of those opportunities might be just what you are looking for! Set time aside to join some professional forums on Linkedin. Attend webinars and connect with other language tutors. Follow your favourites and learn from them. Create your own professional posts to attract students as well.

12. Offer your language programs to large corporations for in-house training. Many companies have specific skills that they want their employees to master such as making presentations and sales pitches. Especially call centres, banks, IT providers. Can you put together a training program that is tailored to their needs? Make an appointment with their H.R. department and give them your pitch.

13. Approach small business owners such as Nail, Hair and Beauty Salons, Restaurants, Hotels, Shops, etc and ask if any of their employees needs help with their English. (or some other local language) You can create a program just for this niche-market. Maybe the business owner will be willing to pay for the classes as a business expense write off, or cover part of the cost for the student. See what you can do to meet their needs.

14. Be diligent about following up on interest and business leads. It is so easy to fall back into the floating state of a comfort zone, or stay in a rut. However, self-employed individuals need to really hustle to make a living these days. There are no short-cuts.

15. Regularly check online employment platforms such as Indeed and freelancing websites like for listings that look interesting to you. Again, you might receive some spam, but if you keep on top of it, the right opportunities may come your way.

16. Start a Youtube channel. Only post short videos that would attract language students. Videos that start with "How to..." will get the most attention. Don't feel like you have to be a video-editing expert to get started. Even the simplest of videos, if helpful, will be appreciate. These videos also serve as great links to other online teaching platforms. They will give potential students a taste of your teaching style.

17. Sign up with teaching platforms that give you a wider audience in exchange for a small commission. Find the one that has the right fit for you. Take some of their training courses or watch some tutorials to figure out how to get the most benefit from such websites. Commit yourself to producing a great video clip that potential students can watch to learn more about you/your teaching style. Here are a few websites to try out:

18. Take some time out to create things that will lead to "passive income." Websites such as

Take the best information that your students have most appreciated and create a short, automated course, or course materials that you can be sold on such sites. It may seem like a small amount that you are earning at the beginning, but it can gain momentum and your hard work up front can pay off over time.


Become a student yourself. Sometimes, what worked before may not be yielding the same results now. We all need a "refresher" course once in awhile to sharpen or upgrade our skills and gain renewed motivation. What better way than to read a new book, start learning a new language, take a course, sign up for a workshop or set some time aside to learn how to use that useful/fun software or application that everyone is raving about? The truth is that we should never stop learning. Having this mindset will help us keep our classes very high quality - and that's great for business!

20. Go for a walk/Create Advertising Opportunities. Smile. Be friendly. Start conversations. Remember your neighbour's dog's name. Take a moment to chat. People always ask, "What do you do?" Let them know that you are a Language Instructor and have online classes. Share your business card with people. Everyone knows somebody who is struggling to learn a language. For that matter, why not have your business name and services painted on your car, your bike or the front of your house? This kind of advertising must work, because large companies pay a lot for such exposure. Think of it as a budget-friendly billboard. You, yourself are the real-life "landing page" for your services.

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See you soon!

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1 Comment

Chilo V
Chilo V
Jan 23, 2023

Hello from Turkey! Great ideas, am implementing some now. Appreciate the positive reinforcement- Sid

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